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The Advantage of doing Masters in Computer Science after completing Graduation

/The Advantage of doing Masters in Computer Science after completing Graduation
master in computer science india

Benefits of doing masters in computer science after graduation

The benefits of completing a masters in computer science from top college are many. Depending on what you have specialized in what you love to do, you have the option to apply for a job in the software industry. If you are good at designing web pages, you can always start off as a web designer. In case your specialization is in networking, you can apply as a technical support executive. If your qualifications are good enough, you may start even as an engineer. You also have the option of joining as a tester or quality assurance executive. The simple fact is opportunities are many.

Understanding MCA

The anatomy of a typical masters in computer science course would consist of four major subjects, namely – the mathematics of computers, concepts concerning computers, a few secondary computer courses followed by either software development or web designing.

In general, a person can go for an MCA right after graduation. Usually, those who are over with the BCA, apply for a masters in computer science from a top college. MCA primarily deals with the latest programming languages and associated tools. The idea is to put together these tools so that faster and smarter application can be developed. While the BCA acts as a base, MCA is a specialization in one of the subjects of BCA.

The only thing required from those applying for MCA is graduation in science, arts, commerce or engineering. The candidate needs to have mathematics either at the +2 level or during graduation.

Duration of an MCA course

The usual duration of any given masters in computer science from top college is for three years. It can be done by enrolling in a college or the university. A typical MCA course will be of six semesters. The duration of each semester would be of six months.

In the first year, the focus is on the development of skills in computers. In the second year, the concept of the framework is taught. Finally, in the third year, it is all about specializations and projects.

Specializations in MCA

Specialization happens in the last year of the MCA course. The options for specializations are as follows:

  • MIS (Management Information System)
  • Software Development.
  • Hardware Development.
  • Systems Management, Development, and Engineering
  • Software application.

Future prospect for masters in computer science graduates

The future is very bright for those thinking about MCA. The top IT organizations, as well as the consultant firms, are among the first to hire masters in computer science holders. With each passing day, communication systems are becoming advanced and information processing is getting better. Therefore, there is high demand for those completing masters in computer science from top college. There is ample opportunity both at the private as well as the government level based on specialty and caliber. There is no doubt that if you are doing MCA from a well-recognized university, there would be a lot of opportunities to prosper in life.