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ISBM University-Bridging the gap between you and your career goals

/ISBM University-Bridging the gap between you and your career goals

Education is a tool that facilitates ones knowledge, learning and skills. It is essential to channelize ones thoughts and know the difference between what’s wrong and what’s right. Receiving education from the right source is also very important. Deciding from which school to study is something beyond our control as this decision is taken by our parents. However, one can choose the university from which he/she wishes to pursue his/her studies. Especially in the current competitive market, the demand for quality education has seen an upward graph.

ISBM University is a newly formed university to cater to the needs of the young minds. It offers a wide array of skill based programs to benefit the participants in a number of ways.

  • ISBM University is a place where young students and experienced teachers can collaborate in order to generate creative ideas and innovative skills.
  • The huge academic coverage is offered by the university in courses such as:
    1. School of Business and Management
    2. School of Arts
    3. School of Commerce
    4. School of Applied Science
    5. School of Information Technology
    6. School of Vocational
  • Apart from the regular classroom knowledge, ISBM University also offers job opportunities and a great platform to showcase ones talents.
  • Throughout the student-life cycle, mentors will assist and guide students on each stage to perform better and make the most of their potential.
  • The skill based and industry oriented programs will be beneficial in the development of the students overall personality.

ISBM University is based in Chhattisgarh which also means that the prime focus of the university is to strengthen the educational backbone of the state by offering students excellent quality skill based programs and an environment that would motive them to chase their dreams. Spoken English, Career Skills and Personality Development are the key factors when it comes to receiving better job opportunities. Hence, the university focuses more on improving these aspects.

ISBM University was launched to give young aspirants a platform that would help them cultivate and polish their talents. To make a memorable experience for the students, the university provides a boosting atmosphere to the students.

We ensure that the best days of your life are spent in ISBM University achieving valuable life lessons from an expert panel of mentors. The teachers here are trained to provide students with not just academic support but nurture them mentally and emotionally as well.

The mode of instruction for varied courses will be English and Hindi as most of the people here speak Hindi. This will help the participants have a better grasp over their course. 

Students with a passion to grow and flourish their career can enroll with the university and see their dreams come true. An excellent place to give wings to your dreams, ISBM University has an abundance of opportunities. Students can anticipate for a promising career when they associate with such reputed firms in the educational industry.