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ISBM University Celebrated Women’s Day

/ISBM University Celebrated Women’s Day

The program was organized on International Women’s Day at ISBM University’s Chhaura Campus. All the women and girls working in the Academic and Admin Department of the University participated in various programs on Women’s Day in the Seminar Hall of the University, in which senior professors openly oppose the atrocities currently happening to the female caste and stop female feticide. He expressed his opinion on the application.

University Deputy Registrar Rakesh Tiwari said that all the women taking part in the program also took a pledge that they will never participate in any work like female feticide under any family pressure. Chancellor of ISBM University, Dr. Vinay Agrawal, while giving his message in this program through teleconferencing, highlighted the importance of women’s education. He said that if a man is educated then only one person is educated, but if the woman is educated then the whole family is educated because the children get the first lesson of education from their mother. While congratulating all the women employees on International Women’s Day, they assured that the university management will always be ready for their safety and convenience.

Vice-Chancellor Anand Mahalwar said that 8th March in the world is dedicated to women. While bowing to the women power, she said that sometimes she would trump relations, sometimes increase the value of the country, she would walk shoulder-to-shoulder with men in every task from protecting the country by making responsibilities out of the kitchen of the house, never tired It is a woman, then the history of strong stories is called woman. Regarding housewife and working woman, he said that every woman is a working woman, only their field of work is different.

University Registrar Dr. B.P. Bhol expressed his views on the importance of men in a woman’s life and said that as much as the importance of a woman in a man’s life is as much as that of a man in a woman’s life, both are two wheels of the same vehicle and one without a wheel Walking is impossible.

In the sequel of the program, women organized various colorful programs, songs, dances, poems and games, in which prizes were also given to the winners. There was the active participation of the women of the university in the entire responsibility from the preparation to completion of this program organized on Women’s Day. On this occasion, Deputy Registrar Ritu Kaushik, Deputy Registrar Rakesh Tiwari and Shashi Kumar Khuntia, including all the department heads and employees were present.