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National Webinar organized in ISBM University

/National Webinar organized in ISBM University

National Webinar organized under the joint aegis of the School of Science and Science Club on the occasion of National Science Day on 28 February with an aim of better education, promotion of science and technology and igniting scientific interest in the mind of the students. The theme of the webinar covered sustainable development and environmental protection technology.

The program was inaugurated by Hon’ble Dr. Anand Mahalwar, Vice-Chancellor of the University, highlighted the relevance of Webinar, during his address he said that the webinar was conducted in online mode keeping in mind the COVID -19 situations. Dr. B.P. Bhol, Registrar ISBM University said that sustainability can only guarantee a sustainable future for all. Clean technology and green technology are the means to achieve such goals. Dr. N. K. Swamy, Dean explained the role of science and technology in protecting the environment. The secretary science club gave detailed information about the objectives of the club and the initiatives undertaken by the club since its existence.

The keynote speaker of the webinar, Dr. Jagjit Kaur, physicist, VYTPG, College Durg spoke on the LED technology he considered LED as a boon of Science. Dr. Pratiksha Pandey Botanist, College of Women, Steel City, Bhilai, said in her statement that sustainable development is not only the goal of India but also a global goal. In order to achieve these goals, a pledge was taken universally in 2015 by all members of the United Nations to protect the planet and save the environment by making the world free from poverty. Mathematics Professor, Government Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Postgraduate College Dongargaon and Mr. Chetan Kumar told that by 2030, the lives of all the people of the world will be filled with joy, peace, and prosperity. The gap between rich and poor will be minimized. Poverty will be eradicated. The people on the earth should assume the responsibility of protecting the environment by judicious use of natural resources.

Mr. O.P Verma HOD, School of Sciences accorded a vote of thanks. The program was successfully conducted by Professor Shikha Yadav. Dr. Vinay Agarwal, Chancellor, ISBM University lauded the efforts of the science club for organizing the webinar successfully. He motivated students to conduct similar activities in the future. The webinar was attended by the students, members of the faculty, and research Scholars of various colleges and Universities.