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Presenting Yourself for an Interview

/Presenting Yourself for an Interview
Presenting Yourself for an Interview

The way you present yourself for an interview says a lot about yourself. Your first impression will determine how the employer will perceive you as a candidate, which is why it becomes vital to pay attention to interview manners and work on the way you introduce yourself during a job interview.

If you have been called for an interview you have already impressed the employer by your resume. To make a good impression one must communicate as to how you will be fulfilling the employer’s needs. You have reached the job location with an up to date resume. No matter what sort of preparations you do, a bit of nervousness after getting face to face with the interviewer is but obvious. These tricks should help you in getting rid of the nervousness and come across as more confident while appearing for job interviews.

Understand your job description very well before you could actually go for the interview. Also, make sure you know everything about the company profile. Employers are likely to ask whether you know anything about the company or not. You should be prepared to answer such type of questions. A well-researched candidate appears to be more confident and never fails to impress the interviewer.

Appearance is the first thing that anyone who looks at you would notice. Thus, you need to work on it before going for an interview and in general as well. A charismatic personality all alone might help you bag your dream job. Do not dress up too loud or too plain. A formal look shall do the needful for any type of interview. However, it may also depend on the dress code of your organization. Brush your hair and apply a mild deodorant to keep you feeling fresh.

Maintain eye contact, keep a smile on your face and give a firm handshake. These all count right from the front desk to the cabin. The tone of your voice is important while you speak. At the end of every sentence raise your chin to seem more agreeable.

Sit up straight without slouching. Keep a consistent eye contact. Remember consistent and not constant. No need to blankly stare at the interviewer for no apparent reason. Where you look is also very important. Keeping your eyes anywhere between the bridge of the nose to the top of the forehead shall fall under the professional zone.

“Tell me about yourself,” is the most familiar question that candidates come across during interviews. Be ready with suitable answers to this question that are effective enough to create an impact on the interviewer. Keep it short and precise so that they can remember and also share with other people. Ask questions that you think are relevant but do not overdo it. Your response should depend on what the interviewer asks and not on what you wish to convey.

Be confident and authoritative while answering. The pitch of your voice should not be too loud or too low. It should be audible to the person taking your interview. Take a few deep breathes after regular intervals to help you keep calm and compose.

99% of job interviews end up with “Do you have any questions?” Before leaving, ask the interviewer whether he has any doubts. This will create a lasting impression on his mind and he will surely remember you.