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Top 10 Tips To Crack A Campus Interview

/Top 10 Tips To Crack A Campus Interview

A student’s career is an important aspect of his life. And the year of graduation is the make or break year for him. Final exams matter, but so do campus interview preparations. If your interview goes well, your chances of success in getting the job increase.

Here’s a lowdown on the top 10 campus interview tips

  1. Conduct a comprehensive research –

You must always do a thorough research on the respective company and then appear for the interview. If you are aware of the latest news and developments related to the company, it will impress and be greatly appreciated by the interviewer.

  1. Keep your resume short & crisp –

Your resume speaks volumes about you and your achievements. Remember, less is more. It should be a one or two pager document containing bold headlines highlighting your key academic and extra-curricular achievements. A more than helpful campus interview tip!

  1. Prepare a summary of your project –

If you’ve had some exposure earlier in the form of an impressive project or an internship, then that’s really great. But during the interview, it’s not possible to describe everything as there are many other candidates waiting. Hence, making a list of some important points highlighting your best project  holds the key.

  1. Gear up for both GD & PI –

Game for both Group Discussions and Personal Interviews? Super! Because the first round is usually the Group Discussion round where your speaking and leadership skills, & your ability to open up, all are tested. Once screened, you are through for the Personal Interview round where your skills are scrutinized and assessed more in detail. Campus Interview Tip – Come fully prepared for both.

  1. Expect many questions to be asked –

Questions like – “What is your five-year goal?”  & “How did you handle exam pressure?” are bound  to be asked. How intelligently and innovatively you answer is what is noticed and taken into consideration. There may also be personal questions like – “Tell me something about yourself that is not mentioned in your CV.” It may sound simple, but you have to put on your thinking cap to answer this one.

  1. Follow the formal dress code –

Now, this is very important and we would advise you to take this campus interview tip seriously. Wear formals as the interview is a very professional thing. Even if the company has an informal dress code for employees, you must wear a formal outfit for the all-important interview. It not only makes you look smart and dressy, but also thoroughly professional.

  1. Be Honest

Refrain from giving wrong answers as that goes on to create a bad impression. Admit that you do not know the answer; accept your mistake and your honesty will be appreciated.

  1. Be Confident

Be in a confident and enthusiastic frame of mind. Don’t be nervous or anxious; you are being observed and anyway, it’s not the end of the world. If you take too much of tension and stress, you may mess and goof up things. So stay relaxed, cool, calm and confident.

  1. Don’t lose hope and courage

Don’t lose heart even if the interview process is long and there’s no job offer yet. Have faith in your abilities. Remember, you have given your best and whatever will happen will be the best for you in the end.

  1. Check Glassdoor Reviews

Go through and do a thorough study of the kind of questions asked by the respective company in the interview. Glassdoor normally gives a good and accurate insight and idea. You get a crystal clear picture of things. One of the wisest and most practical campus interview tips.    

Other handy and useful tips include –

Call up any senior who works in that particular company and he or she may guide you. You will get an idea about the company from the kind of experiences your senior had in the organization.

Don’t be late for the interview. Punctuality is the first thing to be noticed.

Appear confident, but not brash or street smart.

They will ask questions like – Why do you want to work in our company? OR Why should we hire you? Think a little and then answer. And yes, come what may, do not lie.

Sometimes, an interviewer attempts to test you by appearing rude.  Stay calm and do not lose your concentration. One important campus interview tip would be to come totally prepared for common interview questions.

Read the About Us page on the company website thoroughly and keep your ears wide open during the company presentation normally held before the interview.

Do not get demotivated or do not panic when the interviewer asks tough questions.

Be prepared to be asked questions regarding the area or subject of your interest as well.

Carry 2-3 copies of your CV with you.

Even if you are not selected, ask for feedback so that it helps you during future interviews.

Avoid casual wear or fancy/indecent outfits. Cut your nails properly.

Don’t talk too much or keep on blabbering and beating about the bush. Be to the point.

And lastly, a smart and wise campus interview tip – Prepare different resumes for different profiles.