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Towards an Innovative Tomorrow-Science and Technology

/Towards an Innovative Tomorrow-Science and Technology
Towards an Innovative Tomorrow-Science and Technology

Evolution of Science and Technology

Post-independence, India has progressed in a way that its development is enviable. The advancement of Science and Technology is the most eminent factor that has contributed to the success of our nation. Everything has become more achievable and within the reach as a result of social reforms. Technology has entered every industry that we are aware of and made our lives far more luxurious than ever before. A lot has been changed over the 70 years of independence, also when it comes to the youth; they have a fresh perspective and a vision to take forward our nation to great heights.

Need of the hour

Science and Technology dominate almost every other industry type and it is given the highest amount of value amongst all other study programs as far as academic excellence is concerned. More advanced the field of Science and Technology, more developed will be the nation and India is no different. Science and Technology plays a decisive role in the overall progress of a country. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is leaving no stone unturned to make India a technology-rich country. To overcome economic challenges, he is seen collaborating with massively developed nations like the UK. To make India a competitive body, the Government always lays emphasis in the development of this sector. Here the fundamental drive is to utilize the natural resources along with maintaining the ecological balance and ensuring national security.

With over 160 universities awarding over 4,000 doctorate degrees and 35,000 post-graduate degrees, India ranks third when it comes to the largest scientific and technological man-force in the world. India can be termed as a powerhouse of technology looking at the current progressions in the field of Science and Technology. Technology is a mainstream source of economic planning and development in our country and a potential device to stimulate growth. Enforcing Science and Technology in industries like agriculture and service sector have enhanced their way of functioning. Most part of the funds pertaining to Science and Technology are provided by the Government.

Not only in India but all over the world, the dimensions of Science and Technology have widespread making the lives of living beings far easier and convenient. India is amongst those countries that possess advanced nuclear options such as the production of raw materials.

What other measures can be taken?

Encourage the youth to take-up Science and Technology programs, especially in a particular specialization and participate in workshops and events to gain practical knowledge on the same. Start initiatives pertaining to the concerned field that is within the outreach of the youths. Promote collaboration between universities and institutes to give students a broader perspective of the field with improved curriculum and a wider range of courses to choose from.

Innovation and technology are not just essential for self-improvement but for the development of the entire society. Implementing innovative measures is time-consuming and often requires a multiple number of attempts before the right invention occurs. Science and Technology have made our lives simple in terms of the way we live our lifestyle, traveling and communication convenience, the standard of living, and so on. Every field has progressed as a result of the development of Technology and life Sciences. The importance of modern day tools and latest techniques is felt not just in the most crucial settings of life but it fuels all the spheres of human existence. Considerable support from the Government and supply of adequate resources can speed up the functioning of the Science and Technology sector and can bring enormous conversions in the effectiveness of the whole industry. Science and technology are two of the largest essentials needed to drive the economy. So all in all, Science and Technology holds great importance in our lives.